Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Genuine psychics Can Really Sense Your Aura

Due to there being a lot of fraudulent people on the web, remember to spend some valuable time on the internet researching about the subject and also ask friends or relatives who have used such a service before.

It is possible that your friends or relatives might refer you to a psychic. If not, it is important to search for genuine psychics who can really sense your aura and give you proper readings. Real tarot readers feel that their talents should be shared to bring happiness to their clients.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Makes a Great Mediumship Reading

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What makes a psychic medium-ship reading? Medium-ship is all about the person who is receiving the reading. They need the comfort of knowing their loved ones are safe and well on the other side. This comes from hearing from validated messages from the person who has passed to the other side. The one thing that makes a good psychic medium is ability to connect easily.

Usually, when you are doing a medium-ship reading, the people you connect with are family members of the sitter, although it can be friends as well. When you are connecting to the sitter, the first thing that usually comes up is the spirit identifying them self. This is important because, without the spirit being identified, the sitter will never be satisfied that the session was really the person it said it was. Once you have established who the spirit person is, and the sitter can identify who the spirit is, the medium-ship session can really get started. This is where things become extremely interesting for both the psychic and the sitter. Anything at all can come through. It is usually something to do with the sitter and the sitter’s life although it can be related to the person who is now in spirit. I remember once, having a sitting with a fellow medium. I can online with a nick name she would not recognize so that she would not be swayed with memory of things she knew about me. It was interesting as she came through with someone she said was talking about a rubber plant.

I immediately understood that this was my father who had been in the rubber industry. To this day, I still find it fascinating how the psychic spirit makes their presence identified by this sort of thing. I mean how many people could automatically be identified by the idea of rubber? I could have been contacted by any of my deceased relatives but the person that came through was my father. He showed me that it was him by addressing me and showing me what he did during his lifetime as my father. Every single time I have had a psychic medium-ship reading of any kind of description, a different spirit has come though and identified the spirit that it was in a way that was totally understandable and it has depended both on the medium and the spirit who came through.

I still find the entire concept of medium-ship even after a life time of experience as an awesome psychic experience. Even though I have practiced as a medium for many years I still find it exciting ever time I connect and provide proof of existence of the other side to someone new to the concept.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Are the Angels?

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Angels surround us all the time. They are not and never have been human.

They do however have many abilities that enable them to help humans both on their spiritual path and with problems the humans may encounter in this life. From the psychic side I do think that they help us to connect to the problems another person is encountering and thus pass on the information that that person might need to hear.

Angels from what I understand, fall into certain categories. Do I know this for sure? No I don’t. I understand things about Angels from other peoples theories but, one always has to keep in mind, that until we meet them one on one, we really only go on hearsay and someone else’s opinion. That out of the way, let us see how I interpret others views. According to some traditions an angel is a spiritual being without physical appearance. They are considered to have wings made with feathers. Angels are said to be ‘a company’ of angels. The name Angel as we know it in English originates from the Greek word for “messenger” which is aggelos. I am not sure if I am correct in this but I have always considered that my messages are given to me with a direct psychic connection. This may or not be via angels or passed loved ones. The past loved ones are not angels. Not all angels appear to be good in fact some can be considered evil. Angels actually cover a wide range of various spirits created by God. You have Archangels, you have cherubim and you have seraphim. The foundation of information on angels comes down to us from the bible and both the Old Testament and the New Testament. In total there are more than two hundred and seventy mentions of angels here.

I often wonder however at the assertion made, that angels can only be in one place at a time. Personally I feel this in incorrect even if it does appear in the bible. Angels must be extremely busy as when we call on them they appear to help us. There are 6 archangels listed although many people also count Michael as an archangel which would make seven. The most well known to people in normal daily life are probably Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. The other three are Raguel, Sariel and Remiel. These can be found listed in the book of Enoch. Cherubim are another order of angels who are sometimes referred to as genii. They are depicted as the four pillars of the throne. Although they appear as symbols on a great deal of art and seem to have heads which are multi faceted being man, lion and bull as well as eagle not much about their actual work on earth and with people seems to be available. They do however show us that we need to be pure, good and wise to reach the stage were we can sit near God.

Psychic ability does not have a great deal to do with being connected to angels as many people have these abilities that are not necessarily good people at all. This is one extremely important reason for being careful before approaching someone for an exchange of energy.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is Trance Mediumship

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In trance mediumship, a person allows himself to be controlled by a spirit communicator in a stronger way than how it happens in the usual clairvoyance. The spirit takes total control of the person’s mind, body and soul in order to guide them. On the other hand, a trance medium is placed into an ‘unconscious state’ which is termed as ‘trance’ with the aim of transferring information from the inner realms. Trance mediums have been widely known to have links with the deceased, they are also able to communicate with the inner level spirits and this is why they offer accurate and most valuable details on spiritual issues. Over the past many years, trance mediumship has really been a solution to so many. Genuine trance mediums record a high level of accuracy with superb channelling abilities as they have channelled a reasonable amount of information from the advanced spirits. Their revelations have been very useful to humans.

Trance mediumship has helped the human kind a great deal. The results conveyed have been featured as topics in a series of books, many of which are even available in local shops today. Some of the most advanced spiritual beings for channelling in trance mediumship are such as: -

i. The White Eagle

The White eagle is a high level spirit which has existed ever since the early years of the 20th century. It used to convey highly advanced information in huge amounts through Grace Cook mediumship. Seekers could get information about life, the inner realms about life and to confirm the realities. A range of books have been written based on the revelations produced by the White Eagle with the aim of spreading the teachings, usually channelled from the most inner spheres. An example of such books is the Book of Beyond by Arthur C. Doyle.

ii. The Silver Birch

Towards the middle of the 20th century, Silver Birch appeared in different sittings and answered questions from the attendants. The spirit would communicate humbly through the body of the medium directly. Silver Birch worked through the trance mediumship of M. Barbanell. All the questions asked were answered regardless of the numbers. Like the White Eagle, Silver Birch is also an assumed name as the two spirits form the group of high level spiritual beings who work together in the spiritual realms. Books have also been written with many questions and answer sessions performed by the Silver Birch.

iii. Seth

This spirit called itself Seth and channelled good quantities of valuable information for quite a number of years. All the sessions that took place were published in books which are still available to date. One of the books is called ‘Seth Speaks’ among many others with Seth as its author.

Apart from the three above, there are many other spiritual beings that channel information of great value to humans in trance mediumship.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Intrigues of Psychic Animals & Psychic Readings

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Human beings for a long time have kept various kinds of animals as pets. These have been for companionship and other purposes. However, they have also come to prove themselves useful in detecting stimuli that human beings cannot detect. This has formed a subject for much controversy in the past and present. Experts have been on a collision course with occult believers who are convinced that the animals are psychic animals. Scientists and scholars on the other hand are convinced, which is a natural reaction that they have developed to keep themselves from harm.

Throughout history, reports have been made of agitation in animals just before catastrophe stroke. For example, in Japan, a country that has been plagued by violent volcanic eruptions, the natives have observed that gold fish tend to get unusually agitated just before the earthquake strikes. This has led many to adopt these as pets. Some of them trust the fish more than they trust scientific forecasters. In Chile, cats fled the city of Copiago shortly before a massive earthquake grounded the entire city.

There have also been reports of dogs that were acting strange some hours before volcanic eruptions in various cities. They were said to have some sort of detection mechanism that helped them know in advance when a catastrophe was about to happen. Another example is a report by residents of California that horses displayed increased agitation just before a major earthquake struck. They were estimated to be in the epicenter of the quake but were able to detect the seismic activity below the surface.

This debate has ensued from these observations. They aim at establishing whether these behaviors were because of psychic abilities, or natural instincts. The counter example of animals like squirrels and insects like ants, which build up stockpiles of food just before winter seasons, used to disprove the theory of psychic ability. People have seen it as a pure display of common sense since the animals know that the winter season brings difficulties in the gathering of food. They say that the same case applies since the animals know that they will not survive any other way if they do not run away from disaster areas.

However, since animals display higher detection ability for these stimuli, human beings have relied on the interpretation of the behavior for ages. For example, they observed cows laying low just before rain pounded the area. The other sign was the sight of bees flying to their hives just before thunderstorms. These signs were very important especially to farmers in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. They would know the best time to sow and the best time to harvest. Scientists still intrigued by these occurrences and studies are ongoing to answer all the unanswered questions.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

What Is A Psychic?

Psychic - pertaining to mental forces, telepathy, extra sensory perception Medium - contacting and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead Clairvoyance - the ability to see things beyond our normal senses. Let's start with explaining about a psychic. Someone that calls himself or herself a psychic may well be labelling themselves as such because it is globally recognised as someone that can 'read you' and most likely be able to tell you about, your past, present, future and many other things the psychic reader couldn’t have know about you by linking into your energy field or aura.

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