Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Mediums Use Channeling?

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In interconnecting with the spirits, mediums use the channeling method to be able to communicate with these supernatural beings. It is the transmittal of messages between two separate and distinct worlds, the mortal and the infinity. Channeling is a mode of message transmission by which the medium will submit into a trance and, that the spirit or the spook will enter into the medium’s body and will be able to give out its message to the right people he wanted it delivered. It is only in the later of the 20th century that psychic mediums are able to transmit or convey messages that were sent through them by spirits of the dead or specter, wraith or by any kind of apparition or manifestation that are in various forms.

Channeling can only be used when a medium was called to stage a séance. This is the only chance can the spirit be able to convey or interact with the mortals. Otherwise, other manifestations, visions or apparitions can be used as another means of transmitting messages from the “beyond” to the corporeal world. There is also another way of conveying to the earthly world, and that is through poltergeist, by which it is usually the bad spirit that keeps on haunting the living and that they usually would like to communicate something that made them so disturbing, pugnacious or even fierce. In channeling, spirits will be able to relate to the people who were left behind in this world, what they actually feel, their present situation, and their future plans for the family that they left behind. There might be some secrets, puzzles or riddles that needed to be unraveled, deciphered or decoded. And, these kinds of dilemmas would need answers to settle all forms of disputes that might have been going on for centuries with no possibilities of agreement or settlement.

Channeling is a great help to the friends and families of the spook, as it is fulfilling and gratifying to the ghost itself, as this will be a way in finishing or continuing their unfinished work and will be able to carry on with the matters and other affairs successfully even when they do not have the physical means to continue the task. Using another body, such as the physical body of the medium present in the séance, or the medium who did stage the séance and able to perform it in the most excellent manner by providing his or her human body or by giving it to the spirit for a short while. Mediums should in the first place stage the séance in a mode that is most inviting on the part of the spook. For if the séance is very well staged of, the spirits would feel very much welcomed and might linger on the séance thereby making it fruitful and efficacious on the part of the people who staged the set up. There are a few things that might be helpful in welcoming a specter. One of these things is a lighted candle or a set of candles. They invite the spirits to the séance, and, make them feel welcomed. They will feel the warmth of your hospitality, and the emotions of the people surrounding it.