Monday, January 9, 2012

Oracle card spreads – different divination tools

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One of man’s greatest fascinations has been to find out what the future has in store for him. The need to know how he is going to fare and the wish to be prepared for all types of eventualities makes him seek different paths that lead to the knowledge of the future. Amongst one of the popular prophesying methods is the use of Oracle cards. These cards, like the Tarot, are used find answers to question that were hitherto only in the minds of the people.

Oracle cards are new age developments of ancient methods of divination. They are different in one very particular way from other divination tools – they focus primarily on the positive and inspirational options that are open but not visible to the eye. Oracle decks are almost like alarms- they awaken the mind to the many positive aspects of life and teach them how to move ahead with positivity and clarity of vision.

There are many ways in which the Oracle cards may be used. They can pertain to an individual or a couple – it all depends on who is drawing the cards and how they are spread the cards for the reason of interpretation. These cards can provide answers to most all questions and they can relate to all aspects of life – relationships, work place, journeys, explore matters regarding friends, relatives, children, parents, business colleagues, and, the love of your life. There are different ways in which the cards are drawn; few people choose the 3 card draw method because they feel that it gives them an insight into the past, present and future of their lives. Few others draw many more cards – 10 or 12 – and this is dependent upon the number of cards in the deck itself. A full oracle deck is made up of at least 64 cards and each of the cards is inspirational.

The most popular oracle card spread these days is the 3 card draw. Each of the cards drawn can be referred to the manual that accompanies the deck and the interpretation done accordingly. The cards are analyzed on the basis of whether they are love oracles, work oracles or life purpose oracles to name a few. Sometimes drawing just one card could provide an answer to the question that the person drawing the card has. These cards are possibly the most subjective amongst divination tools and are also the most inspiring. The fact that the positive outlook is the primary focus of the cards makes them different from the tarot or other cards.