Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Find Real Mediums

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A real psychic medium is someone who claims to contact spirits. Like everything in life, some are genuine and some are not. It will be best if I try to explain what a real medium is and what it is not. Firstly a real medium is someone who has the ability to talk to people that have passed on in the shape of family or friends. It is a gift from birth sometimes and sometimes it has to be learnt through channeling and being in what they call a circle, which is a development procedure.

It has always fascinated people to be in touch with someone that has passed on to give them messages that they are okay and can tell them something personal just to prove that it is them. Nothing can be guaranteed though as when you see a medium it really does depend on what the medium is being shown or told and how they relay that to you. Whatever is told to you then you can be sure that this is important for you to know, so always try to keep an open mind when you are told something even if you don’t fully understand it at the time. Mediums can use predictive tools such as astrology, crystal balls, numerology and tarot cards as this can put them into a trance like state which will allow their body to get in contact with spirit. A medium is not someone who just sits there in the dark and holds hands with people across a table and then the table rises into the air, this is not how it should be portrayed.

A genuine medium is a normal person who has incredible gifts that are used to help people. If you truly want to learn mediumship then it can take many years of hard work as you have to be disciplined and be a balanced person. You can learn through development circles but sometimes these can take a long while before they have a space to fit you in. You also have to be sensitive and able to meditate and also be full of compasion. A real medium is sosmeone who is able to go to another dimension or another plane and then see a person or event and pass that information on to the right person.

It is something that most people think about at some point in their life on whether to see a real medium or not. It is a personal thing. They can help bring closure to someone who has been grieving especially if this was unexpected. But no matter what it is a very lovely experience to be able to connect with someone that has passed on as this truly does bring hope to the ones that are left behind. So whatever your view may be on mediums, it is an experience that most people think about doing at least once in their lives. And some people go on a regular basis as it helps them tremendously.

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