Monday, January 10, 2011

Are Psychic Predictions Real

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The field of Parapsychology has interested not only the psychologists and the scientists but also the general people. How a psychic can have a glance of your life, past present and future and then tell you to guide you along the path. There has been enough evidence regarding the fact that psychic predictions do turn out to be true. Starting from general things about a regular individual, to the octopus predictions about Spain taking the Fifa World cup, and then to collapse of the governments of a state.

This field is psychic predictions is not at all new. Palmistry and astrology especially date back thousands of years. In the earlier times these psychics which prophesized about the future of an individual or a public body, were known as prophets or clairvoyants. Lately, they have been started knowing as psychics, or a person who possess Extrasensory Perception (ESP) to perceive and thus analyze the future.

People go to get psychic predictions about various issues in their life starting from mainly financial and domestic issues. Some people then develop such faith in the predictions of a psychic that they seek advice before every important step that they take in their lives.
The controversy about such predictions is the psychic is in the end a human being. He or she is not God or pass decision about a person life and then to guide the other person accordingly. Moreover, these psychic predictions are but not more than prophecies and prophecies do turn out to be worthless. Your life changes track every second. Logic already finds it hard to explain the phenomena of extrasensory perception and thus psychic predictions. Even if one agrees to the fact that this phenomenon is one beyond scientific explanations and refers particularly to supernormal giftedness, it is hard to believe that this one person can completely peek into your life.

One of the most important reasons for this is the fact that a person’s life and fate is never stable and is actually always in motion. A psychic, using palmistry astrological or tarot card reading can predict one’s life at a given moment. That is, what prospects are open for you presently? Your future in the light of your present! For every decision a person takes in his present, his future changes. Thus, it is not only complicated but also very difficult to always make a correct prediction regarding the life of an individual.

Nonetheless, psychics exist and so do psychic predictions. They have helped various individuals at various phases of their lives to make various important decisions. Life sometimes can be so straining and future so uncertain, that just to calm yourself down you need somebody to let you have a glance at your future. Good news is no doubt bliss in many ways. For one this, it relieves you from the tension and anxiety of uncertainty. Even if the prophecy does not turn out to be true, a person through his hopefulness can make his life a better place to be…

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