Friday, June 29, 2012

Understanding Indigo Children

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There are children who often have trouble at school and who are unable to follow instruction or do their homework as directed. They may also have low grades; however, their parents understand that they have a talent even though they do not do very well in school. People label them as having attention deficit disorder (ADD). There are times when they have lighted visions of their friends that are saying something about them.

Indigo children, also referred to as the children of the sun by the Native Americans are very common in today’s society. There is a belief that about 90% of all children who are aged below 9 years are indigo children, who identify with unique characteristics. You will realize that the children are very intelligent and creative as well. On the other hand, they also tend to be rebellious to systems in schools and authorities. Actually indigo children will require some form of therapy to correct this detrimental character using alternative therapies.

Characteristics of indigo children

Indigo children are often very physically sensitive and very emotional as well. You will find them caring and empathic, possibly from the fact that they can tell what is happening to other individuals. Due to their wanting behavior, they are often emotionally abused by other people and require counseling themselves to be able to manage their challenges. It is very likely for an indigo child to be extremely tempered, and require counseling as a result. They also experience emotional depression from an early age if for one reason or the other their predominant indigo color. This indigo color represents the third eye of the chakra, which is also the center of psychic activity. Many psychics believe this to be a wide and open characteristic on most indigo children and adults. They normally experience a slim separation or mask between the spirit worlds and the earth and are able to access information that many other individuals cannot access. Their behavior or characteristics define itself better by the thinner curtain.

Why learn about indigo children?

The advantage with learning about indigo children is that it helps people improve their capacity to work with the children and helps understand the new energy that comes to earth from the spirit world. They help us know more about the world we live in, and harmonious living. Their presence here helps us ascend to the spirit world more easily and lead us in our ideologies and behaviors.

Indigo people and children get very frustrated with things relating to rituals and systems like religion and politics. What happens is that they see these subjects as only interesting but valueless and not worth efforts that many people often put into them. They detest the status quo, which often drives many people’s efforts.

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