Monday, July 2, 2012

The Intrigues of Psychic Animals & Psychic Readings

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Human beings for a long time have kept various kinds of animals as pets. These have been for companionship and other purposes. However, they have also come to prove themselves useful in detecting stimuli that human beings cannot detect. This has formed a subject for much controversy in the past and present. Experts have been on a collision course with occult believers who are convinced that the animals are psychic animals. Scientists and scholars on the other hand are convinced, which is a natural reaction that they have developed to keep themselves from harm.

Throughout history, reports have been made of agitation in animals just before catastrophe stroke. For example, in Japan, a country that has been plagued by violent volcanic eruptions, the natives have observed that gold fish tend to get unusually agitated just before the earthquake strikes. This has led many to adopt these as pets. Some of them trust the fish more than they trust scientific forecasters. In Chile, cats fled the city of Copiago shortly before a massive earthquake grounded the entire city.

There have also been reports of dogs that were acting strange some hours before volcanic eruptions in various cities. They were said to have some sort of detection mechanism that helped them know in advance when a catastrophe was about to happen. Another example is a report by residents of California that horses displayed increased agitation just before a major earthquake struck. They were estimated to be in the epicenter of the quake but were able to detect the seismic activity below the surface.

This debate has ensued from these observations. They aim at establishing whether these behaviors were because of psychic abilities, or natural instincts. The counter example of animals like squirrels and insects like ants, which build up stockpiles of food just before winter seasons, used to disprove the theory of psychic ability. People have seen it as a pure display of common sense since the animals know that the winter season brings difficulties in the gathering of food. They say that the same case applies since the animals know that they will not survive any other way if they do not run away from disaster areas.

However, since animals display higher detection ability for these stimuli, human beings have relied on the interpretation of the behavior for ages. For example, they observed cows laying low just before rain pounded the area. The other sign was the sight of bees flying to their hives just before thunderstorms. These signs were very important especially to farmers in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. They would know the best time to sow and the best time to harvest. Scientists still intrigued by these occurrences and studies are ongoing to answer all the unanswered questions.

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