Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Makes a Great Mediumship Reading

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What makes a psychic medium-ship reading? Medium-ship is all about the person who is receiving the reading. They need the comfort of knowing their loved ones are safe and well on the other side. This comes from hearing from validated messages from the person who has passed to the other side. The one thing that makes a good psychic medium is ability to connect easily.

Usually, when you are doing a medium-ship reading, the people you connect with are family members of the sitter, although it can be friends as well. When you are connecting to the sitter, the first thing that usually comes up is the spirit identifying them self. This is important because, without the spirit being identified, the sitter will never be satisfied that the session was really the person it said it was. Once you have established who the spirit person is, and the sitter can identify who the spirit is, the medium-ship session can really get started. This is where things become extremely interesting for both the psychic and the sitter. Anything at all can come through. It is usually something to do with the sitter and the sitter’s life although it can be related to the person who is now in spirit. I remember once, having a sitting with a fellow medium. I can online with a nick name she would not recognize so that she would not be swayed with memory of things she knew about me. It was interesting as she came through with someone she said was talking about a rubber plant.

I immediately understood that this was my father who had been in the rubber industry. To this day, I still find it fascinating how the psychic spirit makes their presence identified by this sort of thing. I mean how many people could automatically be identified by the idea of rubber? I could have been contacted by any of my deceased relatives but the person that came through was my father. He showed me that it was him by addressing me and showing me what he did during his lifetime as my father. Every single time I have had a psychic medium-ship reading of any kind of description, a different spirit has come though and identified the spirit that it was in a way that was totally understandable and it has depended both on the medium and the spirit who came through.

I still find the entire concept of medium-ship even after a life time of experience as an awesome psychic experience. Even though I have practiced as a medium for many years I still find it exciting ever time I connect and provide proof of existence of the other side to someone new to the concept.

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