Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is Trance Mediumship

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In trance mediumship, a person allows himself to be controlled by a spirit communicator in a stronger way than how it happens in the usual clairvoyance. The spirit takes total control of the person’s mind, body and soul in order to guide them. On the other hand, a trance medium is placed into an ‘unconscious state’ which is termed as ‘trance’ with the aim of transferring information from the inner realms. Trance mediums have been widely known to have links with the deceased, they are also able to communicate with the inner level spirits and this is why they offer accurate and most valuable details on spiritual issues. Over the past many years, trance mediumship has really been a solution to so many. Genuine trance mediums record a high level of accuracy with superb channelling abilities as they have channelled a reasonable amount of information from the advanced spirits. Their revelations have been very useful to humans.

Trance mediumship has helped the human kind a great deal. The results conveyed have been featured as topics in a series of books, many of which are even available in local shops today. Some of the most advanced spiritual beings for channelling in trance mediumship are such as: -

i. The White Eagle

The White eagle is a high level spirit which has existed ever since the early years of the 20th century. It used to convey highly advanced information in huge amounts through Grace Cook mediumship. Seekers could get information about life, the inner realms about life and to confirm the realities. A range of books have been written based on the revelations produced by the White Eagle with the aim of spreading the teachings, usually channelled from the most inner spheres. An example of such books is the Book of Beyond by Arthur C. Doyle.

ii. The Silver Birch

Towards the middle of the 20th century, Silver Birch appeared in different sittings and answered questions from the attendants. The spirit would communicate humbly through the body of the medium directly. Silver Birch worked through the trance mediumship of M. Barbanell. All the questions asked were answered regardless of the numbers. Like the White Eagle, Silver Birch is also an assumed name as the two spirits form the group of high level spiritual beings who work together in the spiritual realms. Books have also been written with many questions and answer sessions performed by the Silver Birch.

iii. Seth

This spirit called itself Seth and channelled good quantities of valuable information for quite a number of years. All the sessions that took place were published in books which are still available to date. One of the books is called ‘Seth Speaks’ among many others with Seth as its author.

Apart from the three above, there are many other spiritual beings that channel information of great value to humans in trance mediumship.

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