Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Are the Angels?

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Angels surround us all the time. They are not and never have been human.

They do however have many abilities that enable them to help humans both on their spiritual path and with problems the humans may encounter in this life. From the psychic side I do think that they help us to connect to the problems another person is encountering and thus pass on the information that that person might need to hear.

Angels from what I understand, fall into certain categories. Do I know this for sure? No I don’t. I understand things about Angels from other peoples theories but, one always has to keep in mind, that until we meet them one on one, we really only go on hearsay and someone else’s opinion. That out of the way, let us see how I interpret others views. According to some traditions an angel is a spiritual being without physical appearance. They are considered to have wings made with feathers. Angels are said to be ‘a company’ of angels. The name Angel as we know it in English originates from the Greek word for “messenger” which is aggelos. I am not sure if I am correct in this but I have always considered that my messages are given to me with a direct psychic connection. This may or not be via angels or passed loved ones. The past loved ones are not angels. Not all angels appear to be good in fact some can be considered evil. Angels actually cover a wide range of various spirits created by God. You have Archangels, you have cherubim and you have seraphim. The foundation of information on angels comes down to us from the bible and both the Old Testament and the New Testament. In total there are more than two hundred and seventy mentions of angels here.

I often wonder however at the assertion made, that angels can only be in one place at a time. Personally I feel this in incorrect even if it does appear in the bible. Angels must be extremely busy as when we call on them they appear to help us. There are 6 archangels listed although many people also count Michael as an archangel which would make seven. The most well known to people in normal daily life are probably Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. The other three are Raguel, Sariel and Remiel. These can be found listed in the book of Enoch. Cherubim are another order of angels who are sometimes referred to as genii. They are depicted as the four pillars of the throne. Although they appear as symbols on a great deal of art and seem to have heads which are multi faceted being man, lion and bull as well as eagle not much about their actual work on earth and with people seems to be available. They do however show us that we need to be pure, good and wise to reach the stage were we can sit near God.

Psychic ability does not have a great deal to do with being connected to angels as many people have these abilities that are not necessarily good people at all. This is one extremely important reason for being careful before approaching someone for an exchange of energy.

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